Types of Wallets

There are different kinds of wallets such as full nodes, thin clients and then we’ve got the online exchange companies. With these wallets comes different securities. The safety depends on the kind of storage (cold/offline or hot/online).

Full Node Crypto Wallet

Thin Client Crypto Wallet

Exchange Companies

Online storage

Cold, Safe storage





Comparison different types of Wallets

This is a basic comparison, to see the main differences between the possibilities.

Thin Client Full Node Online Exchange companies
Host Local Local Cloud
Multiple Currencies No No Yes
Trading Only the currency in which it is made for Only the currency in which it is made for Yes
Tradingfee Low Low A bit higher, also depends on the companie
Most popular examples Electrum Bitcoin-qt BTC-e.com
Safety Use back-ups, passwords, private keys ands seeds Use back-ups, passwords for private keys After MT-Gox, use it for trading not for stalling


The difference between a thin client and a full node is the block depth. The full node is takes more space on your machine and is a slower because it follows the complete chain. The complete block depth.